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About an Ayurvedic Assessment

A typical initial Ayurvedic assessment will last more than an hour. As a practitioner, I will ask you detailed questions about your health, diet and what we call, lifestyle- how you live your daily life. I will listen to your pulse, examine your tongue and observe the appearance of your skin, lips, nails, and eyes. I listen very carefully to you and your goals and needs.

Together we will create a customized program, which can include diet, exercise, herbs, yoga, body treatments and more modalities. But I am very careful about starting with just 1 or 2 suggestions. True change is made slowly with small, simple steps. You will not be overwhelmed with new things to do.

What is chosen will be based on which elements of your unique metabolic type are currently out of balance. The plan will focus on restoring balance and educating you. You learn what throws you out of balance and which actions you can take to create long-lasting health and longevity.

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