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Holistic Health Consultations

Consulting with me:
Please read about my approach here.
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Special Power Consultation
A Single Session: $150

90 Minutes:
to review your biggest challenges and for me to make a number of recomendations.

Optional Add On of Lab Review: $30
I review your basic labs from your most recent physician appointment, from a functional point of view. (Standard lab ranges reflect a disease state, where functional ranges reflect what we need for optimal health.)
This is a good option, if you are a self-starter and are good to go with a few suggestions and do not need ongoing support and if your current challenges do not have great complexity.

I will have you fill out an Intake and email it to me before our phone consultation and I will review it before we meet.

If you are local, we can meet in person, and I can take your pulse and look at your tongue.

You will receive A Simple Action Plan with ideas for dietary and lifestyle changes and recommendations for herbs, supplements and essential oils too.

You are welcome to email me with a few questions or considerations after our session.

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Premier Consultation
Multiple Session Package:
NEW Pricing for 2018:$350 (will include one follow up and one lab review= $105 value)
Followups=$75 for 45 minutes plus emailed summary
Package of 3= $195 (savings of $30) 
Package of 6= $300 (savings of $150) includes unlimited lab reviews 

This is a multiple part process consisting of us meeting for two 60 minute sessions, extensive research time on my part, and follow up contact opportunities.
Here's how it works...
Before the first session, I will email you an intake form, Upon receiving this form I will be doing an extensive review and compiling even more questions to ask you during the first session.

Our first phone consult, 1 hour long, allows me to understand you and your needs and how I can support your goals.  I will be wearing my detective hat!!
(If you are local, you can choose to meet in person.)

"Some of your questions surprised me, no one else has ever asked them. My answers uncovered more of me to me."

After this first session, I have a bit of homework to do, as I pour over what has been revealed and actually work with a matrix model to understand holistically the roots of your issues.

From this map and vantage point I am able to see your starting point; the larger context of your unique situation; the ultimate destination and the immediate steps that you will need to begin with.
"Having the space between the two consults was brilliant!! Love the notebook idea to jot down my reflections. Lots to share with you when we talk next."
During the second part of this Premier Consult Package, another 1 hour phone consult session, I make my recommendations and together we create a plan that will work for you.

I will email you A Comprehensive Action Plan and any other resources that are suggested for your success. 
Take Advantage of this!!

You have access to me, by emails, for unlimited questions, comments, and observations for 3 weeks after this second consult.

"Your support after the second phone call was invaluable. I didn't realize all the questions that I had and it set my mind at ease to be able to reach out to you."
Most of my clients appreciate followup sessions:

2018 NEW Pricing:

$75 for 45 minute followup with emailed summary

Package of 3 followups: $195(save $30)

Package of 6 followups: $360(save $45)-
includes unlimited lab reviews
I encourage you to notice what has been working and what has not, as these are valuable clues, even more important than fancy expensive functional lab tests.
With our follow-up meetings we will make appropriate changes to your plan and continue to move you toward your goals.

Usually, 3-4 weeks is a common time frame for followups. Some clients really like me to be ever present in their life for accountability and some are fine with going for longer times between our consults.

Schedule a 15 minute phone chat
to discover how we can work together.
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