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Food, Glorious Food

We are affected by many aspects of our environment such as the seasons, the weather, the geographical location in which we live, and the toxins in our air and soil. However, what we choose to eat is basically under our control. By working with the foods we eat we have an opportunity to influence our health in positive and profound ways.

Without changing our diet we can’t expect the body to fundamentally change whatever else we may attempt. Wrong diet is the main physical cause of disease.

There is a popular saying that has been around for a long time, “We are what we eat.” Ayurveda would add on to it. “We are what we eat and also what we have digested, assimilated and absorbed.” Proper digestive ability is the key to health and vitality.

What we eat forms our blood and from our blood all the rest of our body is produced. All of our cells are created from blood and these cells join together to form tissues and organs. From these our overall physical condition, moods, emotions, thoughts, mental states and behaviors emerge.

To change our cells, tissues, organs and all the above, we have to change our blood. To change our blood we have to change our daily food. If our food choices are poor, our health starts to decline.

Food affects our bodies, minds and emotions. With this awareness we can develop a plan for healing on many levels.

When designing a food plan for a client, I keep in mind that no food is either good or bad. It always depends on the current needs of the person. I like to ask the questions: for whom, under what conditions, at what time of the year, and where?

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