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Food as Medicine

Foods can heal us. “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”, Hippocrates said many years ago.

Today there is so much confusion over what to eat. No one seems to know what to eat. Almost everyday information comes out contradicting what was taken as fact and truth in the weeks and months before. My clients are very intelligent individuals and most of them say to me “I don’t know what to eat anymore!”

By understanding our unique and individual body/mind type we can develop the ability to feed and nourish ourselves. This wisdom has a track record of over 5,000 years because it is based on universal principles that apply as much today as they did long ago.

Did you know that broccoli is not necessarily the best food for everyone to eat all year round? If a person with a lot of the air in their constitutional make-up eats broccoli in the winter when there is a lot of the air element in the environment, they could have digestive challenges that might include gas and bloating which could progress into constipation and overtime into insomnia and even anxiety!!!

Eating hot spicy Cuban food with a margarita in the summer in Miami might make a person with intrinsic heat in their system be more than impatient in a traffic jam. Further down the line they might notice an increase in their blood pressure or a skin rash.

For the person with a lot of earth and water in their body, eating lots of dairy in the spring would likely create congestion in their sinuses and lungs and if left uncorrected this congestion might develop into asthma and or allergies.

Let’s look at what would have been better choices for the three examples above. From any Ayurvedic point of view, we always use opposite qualities to balance. So in the first example, the person with a lot of air, a Vata type, would be better off eating a hot, sweet potato with ghee than eating broccoli in the winter. They need wet, heavy and warm foods to balance their dry, light and cold characteristics.

Our hot-headed friend, the Pitta type, should have had a cooling salad, a crunchy piece of bread and a big fruit platter with lots of coconut for dessert. They need sweet, dry and cooling foods, especially in the summer in the south.

The Kapha person, with congestion in the spring, would be better off favoring light, dry and warming foods such as broccoli, corn, greens, sprouts, beans and ginger tea to balance their tendency to eat foods that are heavy, wet and cold.
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