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With some recent personal health challenges and my immersion and studies with the MELT Method and its profound understanding of dehydration and the importance of proper hydration for health, I was inspired to jump into the water conversation and research my options for good, quality water.


My checklist


  • Pure Water: Free of all toxins, chemicals, chlorines, fluorides, viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeast, pharmaceutical drugs, heavy metals, fertilizers, insecticides, acid rain and disinfection by-products.

  • Alkaline Water: I want my water to give me alkaline support and not contribute to greater metabolic acidosis. Maintaining an alkaline internal environment is crucial for our health and can be challenging in this modern and toxic world.

  • Mineralized Water: Drinking reverse osmosis water for decades, I believe has undermined my health and in particular my bone health. Though relatively pure, it is considered an aggressive water and I believe actually leached out what little minerals I did get from depleted food and water sources. So I want water that has some minerals in it, as minerals suspended in water are the most bioavailable to our bodies.

  • Structured Water: This was new to me.   Structured water is the water we are born with and the water prefered by our cells. It is organized, it communicates, it hydrates, it protects and it is filled with prana=our life force.

    Normal water molecules are 
    large and clustered and allow lots of contaminates to attach themselves and they have a hard time entering into our cells.

    Structured water molecules form smaller, organized clusters that repel pollutants which then get flushed out of our system. In addition, the smaller surface allows for better and deeper penetration from the ECM or extracellular matrix into the cells themselves.

    What this really means for you is better hydration!!!

    In nature, water is naturally structured as it flows through rivers and streams. It is churned and channeled as it flows over stones, sticks and other obstructions and in the process gets highly recharged. This energized water is a deep and vital source of nourishment.

  • Good Tasting Water: Don't want any after tastes, for sure.

  • Affordable Water: This goes without saying. |

           My Water Solution: Pristine Hydro


I have been drinking this water for over a year and am very thrilled with it.
As I started to talk with all of you, I found myself passionately espousing its virtues.

And though there is never one "magic bullet" I so do believe it can play a role in your health and wellbeing, that I have decided to promote it to my clients, students, friends and family.


 Use this code: GREA1206 when you order your over-the counter Pristine Hydro Water System.
You will get a $25 discount plus FREE Shipping. Shipping to the eastern states is almost $100, so this is an awesome incentive.
And feel free to pass this code on to your family and friends...

I believe that it has never been more important to be take the initiative and be responsible for our own personal health and wellness.

The system is easy to hook up to any faucet in your house and can produce a gallon of delicious, pure, oxidized, mineralized, energized, alkaline water in just a few minutes.

The over-the-counter model has a 2 gallon holding tank that automatically replenishes itself so you always have a ready supply.

Feel free to contact me with any thoughts or questions.
These days I love to talk about this water.

And if you live in the vicinity or are visiting the area, please contact me so we can fill up a bottle for you and let you taste it first hand.

And if you want to humor my "inner geek", I also have tools to test your drinking or bottled water for alkalinity or total dissolved solids. 

   Save $25    


Use code:
pristine hydro

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