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Healthy Minds for Ageless Women

Healthy Ageless Women:
A continuing series with Amba Greene

2 Options to Boost Your Brain
for Vibrant Aging
Fall 2016

#1  Special 90 Minute Sampler
Yoga Fish of Stuart
Saturday October 22, 2016
1:00- 2:30 PM
$15 sign up here

Introduction to Dynamic Aging
A 90 minute conversation that will change the way you look at your aging process!!

Its an exciting time to be growing older. There are so many modern cutting edge discoveries, as well as ancient
wisdom, that are creating a new paradigm for 
healthy and vibrant aging.

**Learn 3 tips to jump start your brain reboot
**Discover what causes inflammatory
and accelerated aging

**Time for Q & A.
**Enjoy a healthy brain treat

# 2  Healthy Minds for Ageless Women
A  4 week program to shift the momentum
of how you
AND your brain
are aging

Tuesdays: October 25 & November 1, 8, 15

2:00 to 4:00 PM
YogaFish, Stuart

Change the Way you Age!!!

Ask yourself these questions:

Imagine if you had your energy back, what would you be doing?

What would be possible without that daily headache?

How would your life change if you got a full nights sleep?

Which dreams would be real if your thinking was crisp & clear?

Would your relationships change without mood swings?

What passions would you pursue with more motivation?

Take a deep dive with me as we explore how stress and inflammation slowly degrade our brain function and can cause:

  • low energy
  • constant fatigue
  • headaches
  • insomnia
  • foggy thinking
  • poor memory
  • mood swings
  • inability to focus
  • lack of motivation
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • bloating and gas
  • cravings
  • food sensitivities
  • lack of joy
  • loss of bone density
  • loss of muscle mass

All of these signs and symptoms can be a result of loss of optimal function in different areas of our brain.

They are NOT a normal process of aging.
The good news: there are many steps we can take to create change and enjoy full vitality and THRIVE! as we grow older.
I like to call it: Dynamic Aging!!!

Designed for women over 50 (though women of all ages are welcome), this 4 week course will
jump start your brain upgrade to shift your
mind, mood, memory and energy.

Topics that we will explore:

  • the many faces of stress

  • what is inflammation and why does it matter

  • where digestion fits in

  • importance of sleep

  • what is your habit tendency type

  • the mind-body & body-mind connections

  • the latest scientific discoveries about the brain

  •  why and how to exercise your brain

  • best foods, fats, herbs, spices and supplements

For over 40 years I have been studying and sharing wisdom from a diverse range of teachings, trainings and personal life experiences.

Today I find myself smack dab in the intersection of:

  • East and West
  • Ancient and Modern
  • Spirit and Science

 Some of my beliefs that guide my approach to
Dynamic Aging:

  • we are dynamic beings and we are always in a state of shift

  • especially as women, we need to honor the different seasons of our physiological life

  • when we participate in our own health- we gain clarity, insights & intuition to inform our next steps

  • our biology impacts our minds and our personal history affects our physiology

  • we can restore our health at any stage of life

  • at any given moment, our health is either spiraling down or spiraling up...and YES, it does take more energy and effort to keep the upward momentum as we age

What you can expect:

  • interactive, engaging sessions including:
    presentations, mind body stress reduction, discussion,
    Q & A,  and healthy anti-aging treats

  • a relaxed, supportive atmosphere

  •  accountability options

  • resource materials and handouts

  • sampling of brain boosting snacks and elixirs

  • easy recipes to try at home

  •  new brain discoveries distilled into  bite size pieces

  • we will practice movement, breath & mind based modalities for stress relief

  • tips & techniques based on cutting edge science to form the new habits that you know you need

  • plenty of time for all of your questions

  • a community of like minded women wanting transformation and not just more information

  • Bonus: 45 minute private phone consult to tweak your personal plan

    Price for all the above...and more....
    only $269

    Enjoy Early Bird pricing of $229
    if paid by October 18, 2016

    What Past Participants Say:

    "I often feel just overwhelmed with information and I have zero time to spend researching on my own. So this class was a filter for me of lots of information."


    "The course was so well done structurally. I loved the integration of teaching, group discussion, MELT, breathing, and healthy treats."

    "You illuminated the extraordinary role the brain plays in health and aging, and how it connects to all the organ systems."

    "I enjoyed the class immensely with this lovely group of women!"

    "Thank you again. You were extremely prepared, extremely knowledgeable and able to describe complex information in a way that we could understand"

    "Excellent series Amba!"

    "The relationship between the brain and gut and the other contributing factors such as blood sugar, sleep, stress, exercise were described well. The handouts further exemplified the information we received."

    "I liked the less structured lecture style that promote d conversation between us. I felt that everyone was very supportive of each other."

Space will be limited for the best group dynamics, so don't procrastinate and do sign up soon at:

772-589-5085  •
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