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Holiday Self Care Specials

Don't let the Holiday Season
get you out of balance!!!!
This year I am offering a

from December 4 to January 1

to support your SELF-CARE during the holiday busyness that seems to engulf us all, no matter our intentions.

Body & Energy Work
Ayurvedic Marma Therapy Treatment   $65 (regularly $75) 
Ayurvedic Facial: A Full Body Rejuvenation   $70 (regularly $80)  
Ayurvedic Full Body Oil Massage/ Abhyanga   $75 (regularly $85)
Ayurvedic Steam Treatment/ Swedana   $50 (regularly $60)
Ayurvedic Sinus Treatment/ Nasya   $50 (regularly $60)
MELT Private Sessions   $60 (regularly $75) 

Here's what people are saying: 

" I tend not to treat myself to these treatments that are really vital to my well-being.  But I have to say it's one of my favorite gifts to receive!"
"The Marma Treatment was delicious and so relaxing, something shifted, for sure. I find that things that used to weigh me down are rolling off my back."
Reserve your  Christmas and New Years Present  here.
Prices are only valid for services rendered from now through February 15, 2019
BUT you must purchase by January 1, 2019
You may book as many as your like, for your self and others.

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