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  • a Wellness Seminar or Workshop for your business, club or organization

  •  a Cooking Class for you or a group of friends

  • a Wellness or Cooking Class Party for a group of friends

  • a Bridal Party

 For Businesses, Corporations and Non-Profits

   Healthy and Energetic Employees are a tremendous asset to your business. Make health and wellness a corporate priority and watch how morale and productivity soar!!!

   We can design a relaxing day that is a perfect way to energize your team. It can include easy and gentle yoga, simple stress relieving breathing techniques, a cooking class demo with lots of healthy tips, a delicious lunch made from the freshest ingredients, a wellness talk, a massage for each participant and so much more!

   Or set-up an extended series of on-site lectures and seminars.
We can help the members of your organization make simple yet powerful and permanent lifestyle changes for increased health and vitality.

   Consultation Services are available for improving your company's food offerings. If you want to upgrade your cafeteria, conference or meeting snack and food choices, we would love to work with you.

Some comments from past participants:

" I loved the Yoga class, the breath training made all the difference. The
cooking demo was great....and I am not a sit still person!!"

Nancy Madsen/ Treasure Coast Area Executive Director of American Cancer Society

" We all so enjoyed the day and all so needed a break. All of us are
smiling more. I am hoping we can repeat the event at least once a quarter.
I learned so much from proper breathing and stretching, to snapping
asparagus and making pesto. Your passion shows through your kind and
gentle spirit. Thanks again."

B.C./ Non-Profit Organization

Workshop and Seminar Sample Topics Groups of All Kinds

    What’s Your Dosha?
    In this introduction to Ayurveda, the ancient healiWng system from India, you will discover your unique mind-body constitution (dosha) and understand which foods and daily activities keep you in a state of balance allowing you to experience optimal health in body and mind.

   Cooking with the Seasons
    Nature provides us with a wealth of foods at different times of the year. With this knowledge we can choose foods wisely and create a foundation for healthy eating and wellness.
    In this cooking class, we will prepare a delicious, nutritious, seasonal menu.
    Includes lunch, recipes, cooking instructions and tips for healthy living.

   Creating a Natural Menopause
    “How you age is more a matter of how you treat yourself,
    than how life treats you.”
    Learn how to apply ancient, yet practical wisdom to smooth the menopausal transition and support the body’s healing and balance at this powerful time of life.
    We will explore ways to relieve the common symptoms of menopause and understand the process of resolving deeper imbalances that have presented themselves at this time.

   Tales the Tongue can Tell!!
    You rely on your body to tell you when something is wrong. The tongue can provide you with many vital clues….as it is a window to the inner status of your current state of health.
    In this informative talk, you will be introduced to Ayurveda, the healing system of Yoga, and to the ancient art of Tongue Diagnosis.

A Guided Change-of-Season De-tox
    Ayurveda, the 5,000 year old ancient healing system of Yoga, understands that we are affected by everything we come in contact with. The environment and particularly the seasons, have a profound influence on us.
   We need to adjust the foods we eat and our daily living routines in accordance with this powerful transition in Nature or we run the risk of creating imbalances inour physiologies, minds and emotions that will lay the foundation for future patterns of illness and disease.
   This seminar will explain what is involved in an Ayurvedic Seasonal Cleanse and how you can receive a cleansing program that is customized just for you.

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