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Feedback and comments from
 2014 Workshops and Classes:

"It was very beneficial for me.  My body pain is less and I feel more grounded and stable.  I also have sciatica that it seems to be helping. Less pain in bed at night too."

"Thanks for your time and attention.  You teach a great class and educate people very well."

"Hi Amba! Thanks for a great class!
I'm a 33 year old female with a desk job spent sitting and typing, mostly.
I came into class with the following chronic issues:
- pain/soreness in the left side of my chest under my clavivcle
- neck soreness and tightness
- lower back soreness and hard knots on each side of my lower back
- shoulder soreness and pain

 During class, the pain in my chest disappeared! Amazing!

After class, I noticed more relaxed shoulders and neck and reduced, if any, pain and discomfort.

I slept soild throughout the night, which is rare!

I woke with minimal soreness, similar to that of a yoga class, since I am a beginner. My low back is much less sore this morning. No amount of massage or chiropractic adjustment has been able to accomplish that!"

"Thank you for your passion and your dream of having the multiple class sessions.  I bought the book a few months ago and went a workshop with you.  I confess that I really did not continue to Melt after that first class.  But after going to the multiple session class and getting more familiar with and more comfortable with the sequences I know that I will continue melting on a regular basis and I am very thankful that I found you and Melt!"


"Thank you Amba, for communicating the work of MELT.  I have enjoyed your series of workshops and I particularly appreciated your special ability of clear communication.  Thank you!"



"Wow!  I have learned so much from you!

Initially, all I wanted to accomplish was just not being stiff and "cranky" when I woke up and moved around.  But I have also learned that I can relieve my back while gardening and possibly my neck muscles, too.  I was completely unaware of the fascia system and enjoyed learning about it and working it."

" My private sessions with you have been more productive than any personal training or physical therapy I have done over the years, and believe me that has been a lot. I can now understand what I need to do when one of my long term problems presents itself....and in a matter of a few minutes, presto, they resolve. Thank You. Thank You."

Feedback and comments from
 2013 Workshops and Classes:


"I felt great the next day and have been MELTing with my new roller and balls. I am very excited about the possibilities of what MELTing can do for me. "

"I slept great. Even with a snoring man next to me! Thank you for coming."


"Hi Amba. I really felt good that day after the workshop and even into yesterday. There was less tension in the way I held my body. I think I slept better too.  I didn't try to repeat any of the exercises yesterday but I will today. You were right. The book makes much more sense now that the movements have been demonstrated. Hope to see you again if you come this way. Thanks again for a very enlightening day."


"The reason for attending the workshop was for my chronic neck pain.  I must say I felt a lot better after the session and Sunday and Monday, not having any noticeable neck pain.  Thank you for sharing the technique. "


" After I left the workshop on Saturday I felt good.  Went home and slept like a baby that night.  Sunday I got up and was feeling awesome!  I must have completed seven of the ten chores on my list to do, all before noon.  I had great energy and my stomach hasn't been that happy in years."




"Still feeling pain free and not stiff in the morning, unusual for me."





"It was great meeting you and experiencing MELT.  I did the hand and feet Sun night, and balancing,  and Monday Morn, I took a 12 mile bike ride and felt like I was 10 years younger.  I am looking forward to learning and incorporating  more of this in my life."


"Thank you Amba.  Your class helped put together what I was reading in the book—I learn by doing much better than by only reading."


Feedback and comments from
 2012 Workshops and Classes:

"I have noticed over the last few weeks that, overall, my balance has improved significantly. My range of motion in my arms has improved. As of today, I am upright again and walking upright for the first time in a year or two.

I wish I could express the level of back pain that I have endured for several years so that you really could understand how significant this is. I have felt subhuman for quite some time, as I have struggled to make it through the day, one day at a time, and sometimes one minute at a time.

Where I work there is a sign that says something to the effect of "Illness can destroy your body, but pain can destroy your soul." That statement summed up my life for the past few years.

I have been to rheumatologists, taken pain pills, steroids, and antirheumatic medicine, been subjected to injections in between my joints, etc. Unbelievable, what I have endured with almost no improvement. Not one of my doctors suggested anything but medicine and more medicine.

I am grateful to you for my progress. I wish you well as you grow in your practice.  I will advocate for MELT with the people I know who are struggling with pain, especially joint pain.

I appreciate your gentle encouragement. Those of us who truly suffer need those baby steps while we are getting our confidence back.

Thank you."

"I am truly looking forward to the start of the class series.  The results from Saturday's Intorductory workshop were phenomenal.

I have had a shoulder problem for more than 6 months.   I knew it was misalignment.   And it kept getting worse!  Yoga was not helping me.  My right arm was trying to compensate.  Next thing i knew, my FEET were getting super funky.   I couldn't do "yogi toes" in my right foot.  I was walking on the outside of both feet and it hurt.

After Saturday's session, i felt immediate shoulder relief.   And I noticed my feet were able to ground a bit more.  Sunday my feet were walking properly, my toes were moving more fluidly and my body was aching (in a good way) from the new position it was finding itself in.

I have been unstable in my balancing postures and now i undertand why I couldn't ground myself.   In short, I'M A FAN!  Thanks so much."


"Amba, your class was all I anticipated, thank you.  My shoulders were screaming from a yoga class the day before and when you had us go through the shoulder hugs on the roller, my pain was much released."



"Here’s my feedback - Later that day, I felt very relaxed and upbeat at the same time. I slept so well that night and the following night also. I normally wake up once or twice during the night and I didn’t either night, which is incredible.

Here’s the most exciting thing for me. I have been feeling occasional pain in my right wrist; it’s sporadic, but it’s a sharp, intense stab. It has lessened considerably. I believe with the help of the balls! Full disclosure, I did have my chiropractor adjust my wrist, however, the ball exercises have lessened it in a way the adjustment has not. It’s been a wonderful compliment."


"I slept great, but definitely was “stimulated” from the class…yes I felt good, but I was a little on “edge”…..I had a four hour drive home. On the way to the workshop I had some back and leg pain. On the way home...nothing.

Still no back or leg pain. Today I went to the Chiropractor and she was surprised at how much better I was. She reduced my visits to her! Yeah!"


"Thank you so much for the info you shared and the instructions you gave.  You were easy to follow which made the experience more enjoyable.

 I am the one with the scleroderma, and I felt great for the rest of the day, sleep good, and was very relaxed on Sunday.
My neck, which is usually tight (this is where I hold my tension), was relaxed even after my yoga class last night.  Tight skin around my ankles and feet is a problem area for me, and these areas felt better.  I really think using the balls several times a week will be beneficial for these areas, as well as the roller for my lower back.
I have been singing your praises for 2 days . Thank you for again for a wonderful experience.  I would be interested in another class/workshop.
I will recommend it to anyone I know."

Comments and Feedback from
Workshops and Classes in 2011

"Loved the class and want to learn more."

"I just wanted to tell you that I loved yesterday's workshop. I felt that it loosened me up, dissolved hardened energy and even some scar tissue. And as you said it would, it calmed me right down. And I slept very well without taking anything!!! All in all, I would say "success". I look forward to taking some classes."

"Felt like a full hands-on relaxing!!!"

"So simple and easy to follow with immediate results."

"Thanks for today's class. I've been positive and motivated and relaxed all day."

"Can't wait for new class series and I already have in mind a few people to bring."

"My sleep was better last night. This is a big deal for me."

"Just had to write about MELT!!! What wonderful initial results. Great deep sleep, and my sleep was longer. My "hot spot" felt better and overall fibromyalgia pain is less. And that's just after 1 class!!  Many, many thanks."


"As you know I stand all day at work and come home exhausted and aching all over. Well I should say: used to come home exhausted and aching all over. Ever since you showed me how to MELT my feet using the balls- that changed almost immediately. And after my first session with the roller the tension in my shoulders was released for what seems like the first time. Ever!! I'm hooked. Thank You. Thank You. "


"I love the MELT!! And you are such a good teacher. You are so specific with your directions and then tell us what to look for in our bodies. All done in a calm, respectful, non-competitive manner. I so enjoy being in your prescence and I feel amazing after the class."

" I have an old knee injury from skiing that has gotten more and more painful over time. After sitting for a long time, especially at my desk or in the car,  I am very stiff and unstable when I try to stand. I actual hobble instead of walk.

But  today was different. I thought of MELT and the foot treatment you taught me with the balls. And after I did it, I was able to stand up straight and walk with no problems and the pain was virtually gone!!!

As I write this its 7 hours after the treatment and I am still pain free with no stiffness. I  love this because its fast and easy and I can work on myself whenever I want to."


"I just want to let you know how amazing my hips feel after last night's MELT class. Thank You. Thank You."


"Recently, I've become aware how my thoughts, words and actions have lots of knots. I've been praying for ways to unravel these patterns.  After the MELT workshop last Saturday, I am now substituting the word "melt" for unravel.  I didn't expect MELT to  have this effect on these aspects of my life. But something definitely shifted. Truly amazing."


"Thank you for the Introduction to MELT workshop yesterday.The sciatica that has been bothering me for a while is much better. And the pain down my right leg is all but gone. All that is left now, are some remnants of pain on the outside of my foot. I am interested in the ball kit so I can practice the foot treatment on my own."





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