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What People Say About Cleansing with Amba

"I've done lots of cleanses with you and all of them have been different. One thing that comes up each time is a feeling of a greater connection to myself. That sense of peacefulness is what brings me back to cleanse again and again with you. I have never gotten that when I did other programs. So thank you again."              




"Overall I feel the cleanse was a great experience. I feel lighter and quite content and I do think I have more clarity in everything I am doing, even just some simple tasks.

Here's an example. I used to be a worrier when driving to new places. However yesterday and today I noticed I was not at all worried. I took it in my stride, it didn't phase me at all. This is huge for me. Thanks for all your support. I look forward to the next cleanse."

"My body was so ready for this cleanse. I felt calm throughout the whole week and had very even energy, which is one of my favorite parts about cleansing with you. This time there were lots of dreams. One night I dreamt I was eating a piece of candy, slowly, one bite at a time. After the last piece a wave of bliss and nourishment swept over me and lasted the whole next day. And all week I slept like a log and woke up refreshed. This was my most favorite cleanse, yet!!"


"This was my first cleanse with you. I really liked it, though I did feel a little tired and a little hungry. But I have to admit, I didn't eat 3 meals a day like you emphasized. I noticed that the first 2 days a lot of anger came up and then the next few days I started feeling quieter and more still inside. The calmness has lasted even now a week later. Thanks, I'll be doing it again."



"I did really well. I did feel a little tired, as you said I might. Eating 3 meals a day felt good. And I had a big realization about just how much I snack continuously while I'm at work and how this undermines my digestion. Now I have so much motivation to continue to eat this way."



"You said not to focus on this cleanse for losing weight and I didn't. But I am ecstatic that I lost 4 pounds while eating 3 full meals. The 3 meals a day feels really good. And I had an insight about eating. I want to eat to live rather than live to eat...."



"This cleanse has been so extraordinary. You have helped me talk to my body and I realize how much of what I eat is out of habit. I've even started to turn off the TV at night-there are so many food commercials and it is so noisy. I noticed that I became very sensitive to noise, I started to crave quiet instead of dessert and had some great insights and ideas about changes I need to make."




"The first day I felt a little queasy but since then I've felt wonderful. Each day got better. No cravings. Just sailed along. I'm tickled to death with the 3 meals. This feels so much better. I noticed I was very noise sensitive and could only put on soothing music in the house. I am so much calmer now. This has been great. Sign me up for the next one."




"My sleep has been so much better since the cleanse. Just this was worth the effort. I'm also less bloated. I can't say I enjoyed taking the ghee but all in all this was a great experience."




" It felt like the holidays for me. Huge meals and lots of cooking and tons of food. I ate a lot and still lost weight. On day 4 I was feeling low energy but still went to my usual high energy yoga class, not quite sure how I would do. I took it real slow with plenty of time to breath and no pushing. Then something really interesting happened. "It", the yoga, did me, with very little efforting on my part.

This cleanse taught me so much about eating, cooking, yoga, life...."




"I feel really good. Can I eat like this forever? I stopped coffee and everyday started with a long meditation instead. I noticed that I was so much less reactive with a person at work who usually pushes my buttons. What a great feeling. Thank you for this cleanse."

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