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What People are Saying

What People are Saying about Marma Therapy:

"When you pressed the points on my skin it felt like you were touching a much deeper place and I felt a rich connection to my self. It was very peaceful and lasted for days and I noticed that I was so much more centered in my daily activities. This is a great treatment to calm down, connect with your center and get in touch."

"My treatment yesterday was very special. I walked into your office a wreck, out of sorts and basically frazzled.

When you touched the point at my heart, or at least it was in the center of my chest, it was as if something inside of me woke up after being asleep for a very long time.

Today was when I really noticed some changes. Sadness overcame me this morning as it has for awhile now,  but then, like a breeze, it moved on. I am feeling unburdened for the first time in many months.

You were so right to choose the Marma Flow for the Heart for me. How did you know I needed this? "


" I could feel a release with each point that you touched. The flow of energy in my body was quite dynamic, not subtle at all. I was surprised."

"Normally after a regular massage, I feel good for a few days and then it wears off. Its been over a week now and the feeling of connection to my inner energy is still there."

"I really love and value massage and I've had many different types, in many different settings and with many different therapists. But the Marma Treatment with you was unlike anything I've ever experienced.

Your refined and knowledgable fingers knew just where to press and my body relaxed so much I melted on your table and "let go" like never before.

I was so relaxed that I felt like I was floating and at times like "I" was not there. After, I felt lighter, refreshed and renewed and can't wait for the next one!"


"I really liked it. Something definitely shifted. I really needed this."

"I went deeper into the experience that I ever did with deep-tissue massage, shiatsu or acupuncture."

"I trudged in, with my shoulders up to my ears, and I floated out, light as a feather."


What People are Saying about
Massage & Body Work

"I just wanted to share the wonderful experience that I had with Amba and the Ayurvedic Facial Rejuvenation.
The beginning of the treatment was like taking a walk in a well-planned Japanese Garden...calming, peaceful and surprises around each turn that delighted the senses.

Then Amba applied some oil to my face and it was like a subtle scent of a wonderfully fragrant flower without being the least bit cloying or disturbing. Unfortunately for the remainder of this description, I was so relaxed I slipped into a healing place and was unaware of the many different parts of the rest of the treatment, at least on a conscious level.

I do know that when I woke up the next morning, the enlarged lymph node that has taken up residence on the side of my neck for the last year- was 1/2 the size!!!!"
C.D./ Writer

"Wow! You were right when you said that this (Ayurvedic Facial Rejuvenation and Full Body Relaxation) is so much more than a facial. I would say that I am more relaxed than when I receive a full body oil massage.I went so deep. I could have stayed on the massage table for ever. I can't remember feeling so calm after any massage and I've been getting massages for many, many years."
J.F./VP of Sales


"Thanks for all the work you have done with me. The oil treatments (kati bastis) have been very beneficial. I have been making steady improvement with the issues with my lower back and the nerve problems in my hips. Each treatment seems to unravel and release the next layer of pain and tightness.

The experiences I have had with you have been amazing. During the last session, as I told you after, I was the most relaxed that I have ever been in my life. I just wanted to thank you and let you know I look forward to the next time I can get down there for another treatment. Its an amazing healing space you have created!"
M.O./ Computer Technician

"By now, you must know that the combination of abhyanga and swedana is my very favorite treatment session with you.  The oils soothes every part of me that is tense  and then I feel so much lighter from the steam, kind of like being wrung out like a towel. But the best part is that the benefits last for days and days...."

"Regarding the Abhyanga and Swedana dual treatment: No matter what I was feeling when I first come in, I leave calmer, lighter, more focused and with more energy--but not the caffeine crazy kind of energy, just an easy, natural, flowing kind of energy that I have grown to love and look forward to. You do great work!"
C. C./ Banking

 "I have gotten regular massages for many years-at least 2 a month-but something is very special about the treatments that I receive from you. I have experienced a deep inner peace that is startling to me. It is almost as if my deepest cells have been injected with a liquid like calmness, and yet I emerge from the cocoon of your treatment room with a new kind of energy. So far my favorite is the full massage and steam combined together. You can be sure I will be trying more."

D.T./ Accountant

"I have never experienced such a deep and profound state of relaxation as I felt during my steam treatment with you this week. I didn't want it to end. I would have been happy staying on the table for at least another hour. The Tibetan foot massage with the foot soak was an extra double treat before the steam."
G. R./ Personal Assistant

"I've had a few abhyanga massages with you.....and I have to say that each one was a dip into the warm, fluid center of serenity. Just the aroma of the herb-infused oils alone is enough to soothe my whole being. Your presence is very assuring and insures that the experience is therapeutic as well as reverent. I especially like how the combination of techniques creates a relaxing, uninterrupted energy flow. As a body worker, you are definitely a skilled conduit for care, respect and healing."
V. J./ Marketing

"What you say about shirodhara on your  website is what I have experienced with you--the synchronizing of brainwaves, recharging of the body, increased clarity of the mind, letting go of a lifetime of stress and the most amazing and profound relaxation. I would add that I have experienced a level of depth parallel to my deepest meditations. The 12 week series of shirodhara treatments is already reaping benefits for me. Each one seems to start where the last one ended. I can't wait for the next session. This is life-changing for me. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You."
M.N./ Retired Teacher

"I know that you don't what to be called a healer. But there is simply no other word for you. Your hands have healing energy and what you have done for me is truly magical. I am a different person since working with you. And though I thought I just wanted a relaxing massage I now know that I wanted so much more."
J.G./ Investment Broker


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