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Testimonials from the Winter and Spring 2018
5 Day Detoxers

"Its hard for me to convey how long I have struggled with sugar cravings. I've tried everything. So this is nothing short of a miracle, that my sugar cravings are gone in a mere 5 days. Your approach in how you designed this program and your daily messages and explanations were the keys for me. I can't thank you enough."

"The whole program was extremely helpful
All the information was very clear and concise
I have never seen so much information on related topics put together so well and so extremely usable."

"Great job to you, Amba…it was very well presented and easy to follow"

"Wow Day 5 already. You were right Amba... it was fast and easy! I ate out last night and chose a Sushi restaurant so that I could have Salmon. No rice, just appetizer and no dessert . Feeling great and I will be continuing with this eating life style."

"I notice that I am less congested and my joint pain has lessened without gluten and dairy.   I will continue to avoid these.  I am more mindful about eating well.  Thank you again for your guidance"

"Reflux is improved
Bloating is improved
Energy level is up
Lots of good benefits"

"Meals were satisfying without being super full."

"I will be continuing this lifestyle change! I noticed my sugar cravings are almost non existent and I don't miss them at all!"

"I thought the handouts were very appealing and the ambience that you created was very supportive and very well done and crystal clear. Thank you for all the support."

" I  appreciate your program and you giving me a kickstart in eliminating some things that I needed to from my diet. I'm planning to participate in the April detox as well."

"The recipes were very good and I liked how the ingredients intermingled within the recipes. My energy level seemed consistent throughout the detox.  I have not payed much attention to gluten in my diet in the past but did feel much lighter after taking it out. I am staying pretty gluten free and dairy free with some exception and feel my digestive track is more on track."

"- I did very good with the winter detox. I dropped 4 pounds and kept it off.  
- I stopped coffee, and had 1 cup of decaf since.  I was previously drinking one cup of coffee every morning.  
- I started with 1/2 of a lemon in hot water each morning and still enjoy the cleaning feeling way to start the day.  I then drink a cup of green tea.
- I always drink shakes, and added many of your recipes to my selection."

"Overall the cleanse in just a 5 day period has had a lot of noticeable positive changes, I thank you!
I have lost a few pounds and an inch on my waist…in really just 4 days, because today is the start of the 5th Day"

"I know you were not emphasizing this as a weight loss program...but I lost 7 pounds in the first 5 days and continued to lose in the next couple of weeks after that for a total of 12 pounds and I feel and look so much lighter. Thank You, will definitely be joining the Spring Detox."

"Well, I LOVE your 5-Day Detox! The recipes are delicious! I noticed a difference in my belly bloat in just a few days. My husband is even asking what new recipe I'm cooking tonight."

"After five days, I not only felt great, but had more energy. I no longer felt sluggish. I never felt deprived with all the delicious, clean meals. My digestive system was much happier, too. I will definitely do more of these in the upcoming months."

"I love the fact that it is only FIVE days! That, along with the simple recipes and prep tips made this the first detox I have actually completed. On day 5 I felt better than ever with tons of energy and mental clarity. I was also happy to see that I lost 4lbs and my belly is flatter and recovered from the holidays!"

"When I told my husband I signed up for the Spring 5 Day Detox, he asked why don't I just follow the Winter program again? I replied that I wanted the Spring so many of the Winter recipes have become my favorites and I use them over and over.
Plus I want the group emails and the conversation in the forum for support, staying focused, and hearing how others are doing."

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