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What Water?



If you're anything like me, you've known for a while that you should delve into the water discussion but everytime you do you're presented with tons of controversy and so many different points of view that its dizzying.

And so you've filed it in the back of your mind.

Actually, almost buried it with an attitude of "why do we have to figure out this water thing."

Growing up decades ago there was no debate about good water versus bad water.

There was just water.

The turn on the tap and drink-the-water kind of water.

How did it come to this?


What's in your drinking water?   woman and water

Once upon a time, water lingered for long periods deep within the earth and mountains, collecting minerals and other nutrients. It then was naturally filtered through rocks and sediments which aerated, purified and mineralized it.

This water had a deep core connection to the Earth element.

Today most of our drinking water comes from surface sources and is no longer the pure and cherished substance that has nourished cultures for hundreds and thousands of years.

Centuries ago the water on the planet was clean and alkaline.

But with industrialization and the burning of fossil fuels, coal and oil and the nuclear radiation from 1,000's of tests--- we now have what is known as "acid rain" and it leaches into our water table.

Not to mention the insecticides and fertilizers from farming and pollutants from industrial dumping.

The chemicals added to our water in the name of purification are also cause for concern: chlorine, phospate, lime, fluoride...

Add to this the antibiotics, pharmaceutical drugs, heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, molds and the more than 75,00 toxic synthetic and chemical compounds identified in our water supply....

Our water supply is no longer pure and alkaline and this affects our internal biochemistry and is playing havoc with our health.


Water, Water Everywhere 

water women on heads

Today we are blessed with amazing convenience in having a seeming endless supply of water. Some still have to hike for miles to find fresh water, yet we can simply turn on the faucet or go to the store and choose from many different kinds of water.

The best form of water has always been fresh spring or well water. But today even these sources have been compromised from acid rain water tables.

Tap water is usually chorlinated, fluorinated and devitalized...and full of contaminants. It almost always is acidic.

Filtration can change unpure water:

Carbon filters are fairly effective and medium priced...but the water still has an unacceptable amount of contaminants and is acidic.

Reverse-osmosis filtering gets rid of more contaminants than carbon filters but costs more and wastes large amounts of water. Because all the minerals have been removed it tends to leach out from our bodies whatever minerals we do have.

Steam distillers are very thorough but are expensive, difficult to maintain and strip away all essential minerals and create basically lifeless water that is still acidic.

All of the above systems focus on filtering or purifying the water.

Then there are the water ionizers that transform modern water from acidic to alkaline through a process of electrolysis. But this water still contains too many contaminants and chemicals.

And go into a supermarket or a health food store and you will find a growing number of different brands of bottled waters. Bottled water quality is unregulated. You never know exactly what you are getting and it is one of the largest wastes of fossil fuel in the marketplace.


So many choices....which water to choose?

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