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Very Special Opportunity
to join in a

Short & Sweet
5 Day Detox for Spring
Stay tuned for Date

Spring is the best time to Cleanse!
using whole foods (no products or gimmicks)

Very Simple to follow!!

Lots included=
pre and post cleanse conference calls, recipes, shopping lists, guide to eating out during the cleanse, private FaceBook group, daily emails, group support...and much much more!!

Exceptional Price!

Dates coming Soon!

Ayurvedic Facial Rejuvenation:
A Full Body Relaxation



For your New Year of  Self-Care!

Only $70
(regular price $80)
good through March 31, 2019

Gift certificates available!!!

Natural cleansers are used to prepare the face and then fine customized aromatic oils and special colloidal mineral water is applied for refreshing hydration and enhanced effectiveness.

Next, a series of polarity balancing movements that are very gentle to the touch for comfort and relaxation.

Then, a sequence of vital energy points, known as marmas, are activated on the face, head, neck, shoulders and chest. Marmas are like underground babbling brooks that have bubbled up to the surface of our skin. They allow us access to the more subtle aspects of ourselves where deep healing can be affected.

Understanding that beauty is a reflection of inner balance, this treatment works with the whole body from head to toe. Your complexion will glow, skin tone and elasticity will be improved, facial tension will melt away, stiffness throughout the body will be relieved, and you will feel re-energized.

Simply Amazing!!!

Read a few words from past clients:

"I've had many facials before, but never anything like this! I am more relaxed than after a massage, and I've had many of those too."

"Within the first few minutes, I was transported to somewhere else. You had me with the music, aromas, your touch."

"Your gentle but firm touch is always comforting; the aromas used are intoxicating: the whole-body experience was one of profound tension release  - all in all a very lovely experience." 

 "I recently scheduled an Ayurvedic facial with Amba for the first time.  I had no idea what a full body relaxation session it would be.  If anyone is so inclined, go for it.  It was divine!"
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