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Why you need to Detox and Cleanse

Why You Need to Cleanse or Detox...

The modern day culture that we live in is very stressful...we all know this, yes? There is tremendous over stimulation of ideas, desires, information pouring into us at an ever increasing rapid rate.

Forget radio and tv's...that are so we have emails, im's, live chats, texts, videos, live streaming, cell phones, smart phones, iphones, ipads, blackberries....all inputing thousands and thousands of impressions into our minds and bodies at rates that are faster than the speed of light.

Do you know that we have to digest all of this food for our minds, like we have to digest apples and potatoes?

And then there is the stress to our physical bodies.

The toxins in our cleaning supplies and all the plastic that we create,the readily prescribed pharmaceutical drugs and antibiotics, our contaminated and genetically modified food supply, the smog and heavy metals in the air we breath and our water....all contributing to the process of pollution in our bodies.


Life in this modern world puts the digestive system, lymph, lungs, kidneys, liver and skin under tons of pressure. These are our filters. They are overworked attempting to pull out the impurities and wastes every single day. So its good to clean them out and give them a rest every now and then.


Ok. I think you get the point....Detox Diets and Cleansing Programs are a great way to renew health, but they are just one step in the total picture.

In fact, once you've finished a cleanse, your channels are more open and exposed and you have created a direct pathway into the deeper layers of your body and mind.

You don't want to pick up where you left off with old eating patterns and routines. With your new found inspiration, together we can create a program to build on the momentum of your cleanse and carry you forward.

But that's another story.




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