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Ways You Can Cleanse with Me

Very Special Opportunity
to join in a
Short & Sweet
5 Day Detox
Get Back On Track in the Fall
using whole foods (no products or gimmicks)

Very Simple to follow!!

Lots included=
pre and post cleanse conference calls, recipes, shopping lists, guide to eating out during the cleanse, private FaceBook group, daily emails, group support...and much much more!!

Exceptional Price!

More details here.

Other Ways to Cleanse with me!!!

I love to design individual cleanse programs for my clients.

Here are some of the ways that you can cleanse with me.

Contemporary Cleanses: 

I now offer an additional way to cleanse with me: a  modern way based on holistic principles, many from the Ayurvedic tradition, but combined with the contemporary cutting edge wellness approach of Functional Nutrition.

This is a whole food cleanse and detox: picture a week of simple, nourishing foods to recharge your life, no deprivation here.

Though we might include smoothies and juices in your plan, they are just a small part of the delicious soups, salads, plant based meals and, even desserts, that you will be enjoying as you give your digestion a much needed rest and allow the body to reset and reboot.

As always, I customize the protocol based on our personal consultation and you have me as a guide during your week for questions, bumps in the road and sharing of successes!!


  • 60 minute cleanse consultation by phone or in person
  • your personal action plan based on our consult
  • instructions to guide you through the cleanse
  • easy to follow delicious recipes for you to choose from
  • herbs to support your efforts
  • options for modifications

Price for Complete Contemporary Cleanse Package: $150
Special Price of $125: pay by November 1, 2017
You must start your cleanse by November 15, 2017

Interested? Contact me here.

Traditional Ayurvedic Cleanses

If you live locally:

  • You can work with me individually
  •  or gather up a group of family and friends
  • or join one of the on-going groups that I guide

The basic price is $225 per person and for groups of 4 or more I will offer discounts and/or extra features.


If you are long-distance:

I have guided many clients through successful cleanses who are not in my immediate geographical area.

If you can, I ask that you email me some photos:

  • a full length body shot
  • a close-up of your face
  • and a few photos of the top and side surfaces of your tongue

Equipped  with these visuals, the sound of your voice, my intuitive gifts and tons of assessment questions, I will design a program for you.

I send off all the materials that you need through Priority Mail.

If you can't make it to my center for your steam treatment, I substitute additional phone consultations during and after your cleanse.

Long distance Groups

If you gather a group of 4 or more there will be a discount.

And I have included 2-3 teleclass conference calls for long distance groups that have been very effective.

Group cleanses are inspiring, fun and energizing.

You can also try exchanging some meals.

Interested? Contact me here.


2018 Annual Fall Cleanse
 7 day 
Customized Change of Seasons 
Cleanse/Detox Program
based on Ayurvedic principles

When? the seasons change you have a window to restore your natural state of balance and release qualities that have been accumulating. Living in Florida, the change from  summer to fall is vital. Chances are that heat has been building in your system and needs to be escorted out of your body and your mind!!  Some signs?  Irritability, frustration, sour body smells, loose stools, insomnia, burping, fatigue, rashes, itching, poor digestion, sinus congestion- just to name a few….

HOW? By making adjustments in your diet and living routines you can insure  you that you have the ingredients for optimal health. It is Nature's way of providing a window to re-set your energy and strengthen your life force.

What happens if you don't? You run the risk of laying a foundation for future patterns of illness and disease. Here is your opportunity to be proactive and Stay Well!!!

WHAT? This is a traditional cleanse from the 5,000 year old ancient healing system of Yoga, known as Ayurveda. It is simple and gentle, yet powerful, thorough and deep. Designed to release toxins from your whole body, not just one organ, this program can be done as you go about your normal week....but allow space for extra rest to deepen your healing process.

Price for complete program $225
Special Fall/Early Winter Cleansing Price of only $195
Sign up by November 15
Cleanse by December 1, for the special pricing

Included in your program:
  • 60 minute cleanse consultation
    the focus of this session is on assessing your digestion and elimination

  • Detailed Instruction Sheets
    for your personal program

  • 7 days of herbs and cleansing agents
    organic home-made ghee, organic herbs for digestion, metabolism & elimination

  • A Gift for You:
    Ayurvedic Wellness Tools  $19 value
    to start you on your road to longlasting health

  • Unlimited Email Access for support & questions

  • An ancient steam treatment(swedana) with clay and aromatic herbs to deepen your cleansing process
    and release all the impurities that have been mobilized (best if done within 1-2 weeks after your cleanse)

  • 3 weeks of rejuvenating herbs after your cleanse
     its important that we nourish the body & mind after cleansing

Optional Upgrades:
$90 for full 90 minute holistic health consultation & treatment plan following the cleanse
$70 for abhyanga (full body oil massage)
on day of steam
Reserve your cleanse package here.


Long Distance Cleansers

Live too far away for an in person consultation and steam treatment?

No problem....we can connect over the phone and I can design a program for you that will consist of 2-3 tele-consultations and, of course, US Priority Mail will bring you all the ingredients that you need for your cleanse.

And if you have skype....all the better.....


NEW!!!!  I am now custom creating cleanses based on Ayurvedic principles for those of you who, for whatever reason, do not want to do the traditional Change-of-Season Cleanse. Please schedule a consult with me and together we will co-create a plan of action for you....





Potent Purification Program

Boost your metabolism and accelerate the purification of your body with this 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 consecutive days program.

You will meet with me for a personal health consultation and I will design your eating protocol. Lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, grains and healthy fats and oils will be the stable of your diet. And I will encourage you to drink a gallon of water each day.

Your Daily Treatment

Every day you will receive a full body oil massage with purifying and detoxifying massage oils.

Then I will apply a thin layer of ancient herbal clays which are negatively charged enabling them to attract, absorb, store and neutralize the toxins which are generally positively charged. This effectively reduces the harmful effects of the toxic matter.

Next, enjoy floating in a cloud of steam under the steam canopy, as your open pores excrete toxins and impurities.

Hot towels wipe away any excess mud and perspiration and then a light layer of special oils to increase metabolism, improve circulation and stimulate lymphatic functioning are appplied.


The final touch is a a finishing body butter that locks in hydration and seals up all the benefits.

All in all, plan on spending 3 hours per day with me!!!

You will be healthier, look younger and prevent future illnesses.

And most of all, you will feel great!!!




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